Expertise & Excellence in Healthcare Recruitment

Staff Standards

We are proud to offer our staff excellent remuneration, rewards and acknowledgement, making our company are fulfilling career provider.Our 100% industry complaint staff are guaranteed to meet all private national healthcare requirements, and so much more. That’s because Uni-t Healthcare Solutions is committed to being the best quality private healthcare provider throughout the United Kingdom.

The staff standard at Uni-t Healthcare Solutions equates to an impressive new baseline which demonstrably supersedes current industry expectations and primary requirements. With both comprehensive and robust training, along with extensive development opportunities and a prioritisation of skill acquisition, we naturally attract care staff who are not only interested in a job, but a career which is rich with purpose and meaning.

Because every client is different, and each care requirement should be tailored to suit, we are proud to be home to many diverse care staffers who can enrich the environment that they are placed in. We consider staffer personal values, career trajectory, willingness to adapt, develop and evolve, and of course we consider all of their unique interpersonal features too. We factor their ability to get along with people from all walks of life, their ability to provide a positive contribution culturally, and evaluate their genuine enthusiasm for care and all its challenges.

Client Care

Our clients enjoy second-to-none service with 24/7 availability and compliance principles and protocols which are practical and effective.

Our achievements are forged by the outstanding service delivered by expert, highly valued staff. We make it our mission to source the correct candidates for all care related jobs, and are 100% committed to constantly improving and refining our already successful operational strategies.

Uni-t-Healthcare Solutions offers in-depth training and recruitment programmes. These tailor-made programmers offer a continuation of premium, high quality services. We are sure that our services and strong reputation is good, and it’s due to our ongoing commitment to all of the people that we work with. Our main goal is to support care career ambitions, personal staff goals and an ongoing culture focus on safety, stability and professional structure professional structure.


Development – Dedication – Honesty – Unity and Passion are our core company values. We know that satisfying client and healthcare professional relations stem from stability and trust. Our values support a culture which champions openness, dignity and the total protection of privacy.


It is our vision to improve industry standards and contribute toward building a case toward increased provisions, enabling quality care.

If a care company wants a win-win situation, a mutually satisfying carer to client, relationship must exist. Uni-t Healthcare Solutions is 100% committed to facilitating real, genuine connections that serve in creating meaningful, long-lasting, positive results for all stakeholders.


From now and into the future, the Uni-t Healthcare Solutions mission is to provide long term quality client and staff care, which is both comprehensive and robust.


It is our immediate goal to deliver consistently reliable, respected and trusted care throughout all of the UK. Our long-term goal is to become known as the best healthcare recruitment group.

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