Our Services

We know that Quality Counts. You need the very best in services, client care and timely cooperation too. Uni-t-Healthcare Solutions commits to delivering the very best in staff servicing, along with relevant solutions to specific needs.


Uni-T Helthcare Solutions provide clients with only the very best caliber of staff in each local area to the UK. Our stringent registration processes absolutely ensure premium candidates.

Our dedicated 24/7 service, featuring a fully staffed office in operation 24 hours per day, 7 days per week supplies the consistency and reliability that care groups seek.

Rely on us. Our qualified, experienced care consultants give you continuity at all times for total assurance.

  • Registered Nurses: Nurses do much more than their typical scope of work as most people know and the profession is becoming more understood and appreciated with time. Because nursing is a truly honorable profession, it requires stringent standards in order to meet clinical competence requirements.
  • Healthcare Assistants: are the heartbeat to Uni-t-Healthcare. These important professionals are integral in fulfilling the day-to-day needs of patients such as client engagement (reading, game play & activities), client support (bathing, hygiene and comfort), client contact (family communication) and basic medical checks too.

Care Consulting & Support Services

  • Care Consulting
    Uni-T Healthcare ~Solutions Healthcare Management Consultancy can effectively and efficiently supply comprehensive consultancy services in support of meeting current healthcare legislation and compliance requirements. Our consulting services include (but are not limited to):

    • Independent Auditing
    • Training and Legislation Compliance review, advice and direction
    • Clear identification of potential safeguarding issues
    • Crisis Management

    and more. Naturally, every Care Home facility wants to be assured that they are conducting appropriate training and delivering the best services. Uni-T Healthcare Solutions is here to support that care confidence and provide expert consultancy which you count on.All of our Care Consultants have professional backgrounds in Care Home Management and/or Care Consulting and/or senior healthcare industry positioning. So rest assured, your consultant will take the time to clearly communicate regulatory framework requirements to support every operation.

  • Support Services
    Caring isn’t always easy, especially when you factor the various challenges which arise daily, weekly and monthly. There are many unforeseeable events which can impact operations, and we know it firsthand via our shared professional experience.Our team is excited to offer practical support in times of need, change and overwhelm. We can effectively support you no matter the requirement, whether it’s extra staff, a guiding voice or collaborative effort.
    We can offer:

    • Management
    • Training
    • Day-to-Day Operational Support
    • Leadership
    • Project Management
    • Bespoke Support Arrangements

Crisis Management 

Now and again, unforeseeable issues arise within the care industry and we are here to support you during those times. It’s our goal with these crisis management services, to make transitions, change and adaptation easier.
While we can’t control outside events, we can control how the response and management of them.

Nurse Revalidation

Each three years, nurses, midwives and designated support workers are required to revalidate their skills. This cyclical requirement ensures fulfilment with national guidelines. Revalidation is the process that allows nurses to maintain registration with the NMC. It is a continuous process to demonstrate their ability to continue to practice safely.
Uni-T Healthcare Solutions will assist each nurse, midwife and designated worker in full in order to support their professional responsibility.We are proud of our people. By listening to our clients and working in harmony, we are able to contribute quality to big-picture healthcare goals.

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